Automotive Industries


The production process, the water utilization stages and the distinct needs of water treatment, in automotive industries are all unique to the industry. We understand each one of these stages perfectly, as we have an in depth exposure to the ground realities of the industry in India.

The Automotive industrial wastewater contains high COD, which is complex and poor in bio-degradability. In most cases separate pre-treatment, coagulating sedimentation, biochemical treatment and advanced treatment must be applied to treat Automotive industrial. Whether you need a combination of water treatment products, a mobile treatment system, or a complete treatment plant, Unique Aqua Systems can develop and deliver the perfect solution to fit your unique needs.


  • UNI-TREAT® Series Of Cooling Water Treatment Chemical Solutions
  • UNI-TREAT® Close Loop Water Treatment Chemical Solutions
  • UNI-TREAT® Boiler Water Treatment Chemical Solutions
  • UNI-TREAT® Descaling Chemicals
  • UNI-TREAT® R. O. Treatment Chemicals
  • Multi Grade Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and Iron Removal Filters
  • Water Softning Plant
  • Demineralization Systems (D. M. Plant)
  • Reverse Osmosis System (R. O. Plant)