Boiler Water Treatment


Boilers are important equipments used in industrial processes. Boiler water quality is of prime importance in order to obtain maximum output without any breakdowns. Therefore Pretreatment and chemical treatment of the water is very important to prevent scale & corrosion in boilers. Regular boiler water conditioning is essential for a trouble free and safe boiler operation. We provide effective formulations for improved boiler water treatment operations.

UNI-TREAT® Boiler Water Treatment Chemical Solutions
  1. UNI-TREAT® Softening Agent, anti-scalant
  2. UNI-TREAT® Polymeric Sludge conditioner
  3. UNI-TREAT® Instant Oxygen Scavenger
  4. UNI-TREAT® Corrosion Control agents, Neutralizing agents
  5. UNI-TREAT® Multi-purpose Chemical (Scale, Alkinity Builder and Oxygen Scavenger)