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Nima Exhibition

Nashik Industries and Manufacturers’ Association (NIMA) is an apex body representing the industries and promotes their interest nationally & internationally. Under the banner of NIMA, various initiatives are organized which give further trust to the industrial activities. NIMA has been organizing NIMA Index, an industrial exhibition, once in every three years. Being a major industrial exhibition, NIMA Index is visited by people at large – including the CEOs of various industrial houses, decision makers, decision facilitators, vendors, customers and suppliers from all over India and abroad. It enjoys full support and participation of the local and state government. Also, it is very widely covered by print and electronic media. Unique Aqua Systems has taken an active participation with new technological products. The perspective clients visited and admired the quality products and got technical information from our expertise during their visits. NIMA exhibition gave us a platform for the development of our business.


IPA Seminar

Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) is the apex body of plumbing professionals in India. Established in 1993 with the objective to promote development of plumbing and building services industry.


Seminar for Electroplating and Phosphating

Nashik Metal Finishers Association organized a seminar on effect of water quality on metal finishing. The trainer of the seminar was Mr. Amit Rudre, Director of Unique Aqua Systems and Chemical Industries. In this seminar he has trained the participants from various electroplating and phosphating industries regarding quality of water and its effects on the metal finishing. Live demonstration of water treatment systems was also organized.