Water Testing Kits & Equipements


Water Testing Kits

Our complete systems available in one package, for reliable testing. These are extremely simple and easy to use, based on standard and established analytical methods. These standards are based on methods approved by American Public Health Association (APHA), AWWA and different pharmacopoeias....

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Microbe Detection Device

BACTASLYDE is a presterilized slide, coated with specially developed media. BACTASLYDE has been found to be reliable and developed media for the growth of a variety of bacteria and yeasts compares well with conventional microbiological & fungi. It also has an added advantage, it’s dual media, which enables you perform different tests. BACTASLYDE can be used virtually in any solid or liquid materials....

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Water Testing Digital Equipment

Water Testing Digital Equipment is a complete electro-chemistry solution for all your applications with a wide range of portable hand held testers. These instruments are designed and developed by professionals using advanced technologies in complianc...

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