Application Areas


Pharmaceutical Industries

Water is a critical ingredient in pharmaceutical industries, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing operations; consistent and high-quality supplies are needed for a range of purposes including production, material processing, and cooling. As disr...

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Food Industries

Up to 70% of the world’s fresh water usage is for food industries purposes, meaning everything we eat impacts the water supply. This large water need has become a critical issue for the food and beverage industry. Unique Aqua Systems helps the glob...

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Chemical Industries

Faced with growing competition, the chemical industries are radically changing. It needs to achieve mass production and economies of scale in a market that is constantly evolving.Water is an important raw material in the field of basic chemistry...

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Plastic Industries

Water treatment in plastic industries plays a vital role as cooling and chilling are the processes where it requires in large quantity. Scale formations along the molds and cooling systems reduces the heat transfer capacities resulting in inefficient...

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Engineering Industries

Huge quantity of water is required by Engineering Industries. In this industries the water is used as the process water or in different utilities such as cooling, chilling, steaming or in CIPs. The water quality plays a major role in said application...

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Electroplating & Phosphating Industries

Electroplating & Phosphating Industries, Water is required for four main purposes - cleaning of materials to be electroplated, raising after cleaning, plating bath preparation, and rinsing after plating. Hard water reacts & produce precipitates resul...

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