Water Treatment Plants Spares


FRP Vessels

FRP Pressure VesselsMicron : 1,5,10,25,50,75,100 um

The FRP Vessels are made up high performance composite material with filament winding. All pressure vessels are 100% corrosion resistant with Thermoplastic Liners of Polyester. These are NSF &...

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Filtration Media

Filtration Media / Sand Media – We provide different types of filtration sand Media for your filtration needs.Activated CarbonGranular activated carbons are mostly made from Coconut Shells on petroleum coke, bituminous coal or lignite. Granular act...

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Distribution Systems

Product Range : Distribution Systems (Strainers) starting from 14” to 63” with connections from 2.5” threaded to 6” flange. Flow ranging from 1m3/hr to 40 m3/hr ...

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Hydro Pneumatic Tanks

There are several functions that a Hydro Pneumatic Tanks can perform. In a booster pump application, it can provide water to the system during periods of a no flow shut down of the booster pump or it can provide water to replace leak loads. In a we...

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Multiport Valves

Ex-stock availability of different sizes of Multiport Valves, manual as well as automatic. Sizes from 20Nb to 65Nb....

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