Open Loop Cooling Water Systems (Cooling Towers)

cooling_tower1Open to the atmosphere; contains the Cooling Tower. Open Loop Cooling Water Systems is a heat rejection device which extracts waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. From a  water treatment perspective, the most critical and challenging  portion of the system to treat with cooling tower water treatment  chemicals is the Open Loop. Here water is cascaded over the cooling  tower, providing for greater surface area that allows for air passing through the water via the tower fan to absorb heat from the water and exhaust it out of the tower. Since water is being constantly lost  by evaporation, these systems require large amounts of make-up water to remain in balance. In the Open Loop, there are four  significant problem areas to be addressed with cooling tower water treatment chemicals:

Scalescale2 scale1Because water is continually being lost by evaporation, fresh water has to be added.  With this water come certain impurities – hardness, alkalinity, silica, to name a few. As the water is evaporated, the impurities stay behind,  increasing the potential for the system to begin forming scale deposits.
CorrosionCorrosion1Corrosion2Anytime water and metal come in contact, there is going to be corrosion. How well the water treatment professional minimizes that corrosion is a measure of the water treatment program’s success.
Foulingfouling1 fouling2The effect of airborne contaminants (airborne dust, dirt) that are subjected to the system by movement of the air through the water and to a lesser degree by particles falling directly into the tower (leaves, bird droppings).
Microbiological Contaminantsmicrobiological1microbiological2A layer of dead or alive microbiological growths (algae, fungi, yeasts, molds, & bacteria) that can cause corrosion, lead to increased scaling, provide a means to trap foulant materials & can cause excessive energy consumption if they build films on the heat exchange components. A microbio film of 1/64” can cause up to a 30% increase in electrical demand.
UNI-TREAT® Series Of Cooling Water Treatment Chemical Solutions
  1. UNI-TREAT® Non-oxydising And Oxydising Biocides
  2. UNI-TREAT® Dispersants
  3. UNI-TREAT® Scale Inhibitor ( Carbonate, Sulphate , Silica Inhibitor)
  4. UNI-TREAT® Corrosion Inhibitors
  5. UNI-TREAT® Multi puropose Chemical : Scale , Corroion Inhibitor And Dispersants
  6. UNI-TREAT® Series Of On Line Cleaners