Chemical Water Treatment Division


Open Loop Cooling Water Systems (Cooling Towers)

Open to the atmosphere; contains the Cooling Tower. Open Loop Cooling Water Systems is a heat rejection device which extracts waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. From a  water treatment perspect...

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Closed Loop Cooling Systems (Chillers)

In a Closed Loop Cooling Systems, water circulates in a closed cycle and is subjected to alternate cooling and heating without air contact. Heat, absorbed by the water in the closed system, is normally transferred by a Water-to-refrigerant or Water e...

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Boiler Water Treatment

Boilers are important equipments used in industrial processes. Boiler water quality is of prime importance in order to obtain maximum output without any breakdowns. Therefore Pretreatment and chemical treatment of the water is very important to preve...

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Descaling Products

AfterBeforeScale formation is a hard layer of various dissolved salts on heat exchange surfaces due to dissolved salts of water, which causes various problems such as clogging, lower heat transfer, loss of metal and equipment. This scale ...

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Reverse Osmosis Treatment

Scaling And Fouling In Membranes - Membrane fouling is a process where solute or particles deposit onto a membrane surface or into membrane pores in a way that degrades the membrane’s performance. It is a major obstacle to the widespread use of thi...

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UNI-TREAT® Fire Side System Chemicals

Impurities in fuels can cause deposit formation and fire side metal corrosion. The most severe problems are generally found in combustion fouling and corrosion. UNI-TREAT® fire side chemicals are used to control fouling by elevating the melting...

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