Ultra Violet Dis-Infection System

Ultra Violet Dis-Infection System radiation of wavelengths between 200 to 280 nm (UV-C) has proved to damage DNA molecules of most pathogenic micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, yeasts, protozoa, fungi, cysts, spores, etc. The micro-organism with damaged DNA loses its ability to cause infections.
No pathogenic micro-organism is known to resist correctly applied and sufficient dose of UV-C radiation.

Technical Specifications

UV Models1-631-762-632-764-767-7610-7617-76
Water Inlet / Outlet firrings3/4″ BSP Male1″ BSP Male3/4″ BSP Male1″ BSP Male1.5″ BSP Male2″ BSP Male2″ BSP Male2″ BSP Male
Chamber Length L (mm)3503706256251010101013201320
Chamber width(mm)9512095120130130130130
Chamber height(mm)75907590145145145145
Service space (mm)3003006006095095012651265
Chamber mounting bracketsN/ADefault