Filter Bags

Micron : 1,5,10,25,50,75,100 um
The Filter Bags (BP series bags) are made of non woven needle felt with glazed finish PP. This finish is created by melting of the outermost surface fibers producing a bond which reduces the possibility of migration. The PP moulded top and the ends are ultrasonically wielded together. The RSB series of bags are made of three layers of media. The inner layer works as a pre filter which is made of coarse Nylon mesh, the center layer is non woven felt which does the actual filtration and the outer most layer ensures 0 BYPASS and 100% seal and very accurate filtration.

Configuration: BP : Dia 4” x 10” & 20 “ & RSB : Dia 7”x17” & 32”

Flow per 10”: 100 LPM for 10 BP Series and 200 LPM for 17” of RSB for raw water with operating pressure of 2.5 bar.